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Technical Program

This schedule is tentative and may change without further notice.

Friday, March 7th

Time Event
8:30 - 9:15
Introduction: OMNeT++ 4.0
9:15 - 10:45
Session 1 - OMNeT++ Simulation Engine (Chair: Andras Varga)
Simulating Wireless and Mobile Networks in OMNeT++ The MiXiM Vision - 30min
Andreas Köpke, Michael Swigulski, Karl Wessel, Daniel Willkomm, P.T. Klein Haneveld, Tom Parker, Otto Visser, Hermann Simon Lichte and Stefan Valentin
Introducing Probabilistic Radio Propagation Models in OMNeT++ Mobility Framework and Cross Validation Check with NS-2 - 20min
Andreas Kuntz, Felix Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Oliver Graute and Martina Zitterbart
SIMCAN: A SIMulator Framework for Computer Architectures and Networks - 20min
Alberto Núñez, Javier Fernandez, Jesus Carretero, Jose D. García and Laura Prada
A Powerful Tool-Chain for Setup, Distributed Processing, Analysis and Debugging of OMNeT++ Simulations - 20min
Thomas Dreibholz and Erwin Rathgeb
10:45 - 11:00
Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30
Session 2 - Routing and 3G (Chair: Anna Förster)
Simulation of 3G DCHs Supporting TCP Traffic: Design, Experiments and Insights on Parameter Tuning - 30min
Juan Alcaraz, Gaspar Pedreño, Fernando Cerdán and Joan García-Haro
A Simulation Model of DYMO for Ad Hoc Routing in OMNeT++ - 20min
Christoph Sommer, Isabel Dietrich and Falko Dressler
An OMNeT++ Model for the Evaluation of OBS Routing Strategies - 20min
A.L. Barradas and M.C.R. Medeiros
Integration of SCTP in the OMNeT++ Simulation Environment - 20min
Irene Rüngeler, Michael Tüxen and Erwin Rathgeb
12:30 - 14:00
Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:04
Poster Session Kickoff (Chair: Christoph Sommer)
CsharpSimpleModule -- writing OmNet++ Modules with C# and Mono - 8min
Andreas Lagemann and Jörg Nolte
Implementation of MANET routing protocols on OMNET++ - 8min
Alfonso Ariza, Eduardo Casilari and Alicia Triviño
An IEEE 802.11g simulation model with extended debug capabilities - 8min
Sorin Cocorada
Opportunistic Networking in OMNeT++ - 8min
Olafur Helgason and Kristjan V. Jonsson
Realistic Simulation Environments for IP-based Networks - 8min
Thomas Gamer and Michael Scharf
A realisitic VoIP traffic generation and evaluation tool for OMNeT++ - 8min
Mathias Bohge and Martin Renwanz
OMNeT++ Models for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks - 8min
Doru Todinca, Dan Pescaru and Mihaela Vitalariu
FACTS - An OMNeT++ Based Simulator for Aeronautical Communications - 8min
Felix Hoffmann, Christian Bauer, Daniel Medina and Serkan Ayaz
15:04 - 16:00
Coffee Break and Poster session
16:00 - 17:30
Session 3 - Mobility (Chair: Andreas Köpke)
Graph-Based Mobility Model for Urban Areas Fueled with Real World Datasets - 30min
Jochen Koberstein, Hagen Peters and Norbert Luttenberger
A Multiscale Real-Time Navigation and Communication Satellite Simulation Model for OMNeT++ - 20min
Andreas Lewandowski and Christian Wietfeld
An Accurate and Extensible Mobile IPv6 (xMIPV6) Simulation Model for OMNET++ - 20min
Faqir Yousaf, Christian Bauer and Christian Wietfeld
Efficient and Realistic Mobility and Channel Modeling for VANET Scenarios using OMNet++ and INET-Framework - 20min
Robert Nagel and Stephan Eichler
18:00 - 19:00
Hands-on Session: Model Discussion, Debugging and Development

Dates & News

Paper submission deadline (extended!):
December 16, 2007
Notification of acceptance:
January 15, 2008
Final version:
February 8, 2008

all deadlines are 23:59 MET

March 7, 2008