OMNeT++ Community Summit 2022

Virtual Summit – Date: November 2-3, 2022.


The ninth OMNeT++ Community Summit will be held virtually on November 2-3, 2022.

OMNeT++ is a public-source, component-based, modular and open-architecture simulation environment with strong GUI support and an embeddable simulation kernel. It is designed to simulate discrete event systems, with the simulation of communication networks as one of its primary application areas.

In continuation of the history of the International Workshop on OMNeT++ and seven very successful editions of its reincarnation, the OMNeT++ Community Summit, we continue to hold a yearly open meeting for all OMNeT++ community members with less costs and more interaction possibilities. The Community Summit provides a forum for tutorials, discussion sessions and presentations on recent developments and novel ideas in the area of simulation and modeling, with a focus on the OMNeT++ simulation environment.

The first seven Summits in Hamburg, Zurich, Brno, Bremen, Pisa, Hamburg and the later virtual ones were huge successes with lively discussions, keynotes, tutorials, panels, presentations, and demonstrations of ongoing and finalized research covering many aspects of OMNeT++-related research.


The OMNeT++ Summit will be fully virtual. Participants will be invited to the OMNeT++ discord server which will be used as the background communication and announcement channel during the summit. We will use Google Meet for the presentations.

On the first day we will hold interactive presentations, limiting participation for each time slot to 6-7 people to encourage real discussion. Registration to the small group discussions will be available on the main discord channel two days before the summit opens. Make sure to join the discord channel ASAP.

All times are in CET (GMT+1)

Day 1 (2nd of November) - Small group discussions
Time (GMT+1)Main StageRoom 1Room 2
10:00-10:30Summit Open
Day 2 (3rd of November) - Plenary sessions
  • 09:45 - Opening
  • 10:00 - COSIMA: Integrating OMNeT++ into the co-simulation framework mosaik (Frauke Oest, Malin Radtke, Emilie Frost) - abstract, slides-group, slides-plenary,video
  • 10:30 - PYSCR: OMNeT++ Goes Python (András Varga, OMNeT++ team) - slides, video
  • 11:00 - V2X: Study for In-Vehicle-Network and New V2X Architecture by New IP (Lin Han) - slides, video
  • 11:30 - HRSQ: Hierarchical Resource Sharing and Queuing in OMNeT++ and INET Framework (Atacan Iyidogan (presenter), Marcin Bosk, Filip Rezabek) - abstract, slides, video
  • 12:00 - OMNETPY: Modeling Networks with Python, Simulating them in Omnet++ (Marcos Modenesi (presenter), Pablo Ventura, Juan A. Fraire) - abstract, slides, video
  • 12:30 - INTRUSION: Simulated Environment for Reinforcement Learning Based Intrusion Detection Using OMNET++ (Imtithal Saeed) - abstract, slides, video
  • 14:00 - CRYPTO: Simulating Propagation of Cryptocurrency Transactions (Vladimír Veselý, Marcel Marek, Vladimír Jeřábek) - abstract, video
  • 14:30 - NNWIFI: Using Neural Networks in WiFi Error Modeling (Márton Csaba Demeter) - slides, video
  • 15:00 - NIX: Simulations for Eternity: Creating and Sharing Reproducible Simulations Using the NIX Package Manager (Rudolf Hornig, OMNeT++ team) - slides, video
  • 15:30 - PRED: Predicting the Resources of Network Simulations (Srikanth Malineni, Anna Förster and Asanga Udugama) - abstract, video
  • 16:00 - 6TISCH: Simulating 6TiSCH Stack for Avionic Wireless Sensor Networks in OMNeT++ (Yevhenii Shudrenko, Koojana Kuladinithi and Andreas Timm-Giel) - abstract, slides, video
  • 16:30 - PYSIM: Using Python within Simulations (Attila Török, OMNeT++ team) - slides, video
  • 17:00 - OPTICS: Performance Evaluation of Next-Generation Data Center and HPC Networks with co-Packaged Optics (Pavlos Maniotis) - abstract, slides, video
  • 17:30 - Closing & After Party
  • Only small group discussion - PYANA: Using Analysis Tool's Charts from the Command Line or Python Scripts (György Szászkő, Attila Török, OMNeT++ team) - video


Founding Chair
  • Andras Varga (OpenSim Kft.)
Virtual Summit Organizers
  • Rudolf Hornig (OpenSim Kft.)

In case you want to contact the organizers, feel free to write an e-mail to: [email protected].