3nd International Workshop to be held in conjunction with Simutools 2010

Malaga, Spain

Technical Program

Friday, 19 March, 2010

8.15 - 8.30

Welcome - Andreas Lewandowski

8.30 - 10.15

Session 1 - Wireless Networks (Chair:Andras Varga)

Extending INET Framework for Directional and Asymmetrical Wireless Communications - (35mins)
Paula Uribe, Juan-Carlos Maureira and Olivier Dalle. Slides
Implementation and Evaluation of Concurrent Multipath Transfer for SCTP in the INET Framework - (35mins)
Thomas Dreibholz, Martin Becke, Jobin Pulinthanath and Erwin Rathgeb. Slides
A Comprehensive MIPv6 Based Mobility Management Simulation Engine for the Next Generation Network - (35mins)
Faqir Yousaf, Christian M�ller and Christian Wietfeld. Slides

10.15 - 10.45

Coffee Break

10.45 - 11.00

Towards a modularized INET - (15mins)
Alfonso Ariza. Slides

11.00 - 11.30

Signals in OMNeT++- (30mins)
Andras Varga. Slides

11.30 - 12.45

Session 2 - Optical Networks (Chair: Andreas Lewandowski)

An Equivalent Circuit Rate-Based Study of Next-Generation Optical Access Architectures - (35mins)
Kyeong Soo (Joseph) Kim. Slides
OBS network model for OMNeT++: A performance evaluation - (35mins)
Felix Espina, Javier Armendariz, Naiara Garc�a, Daniel Morat�, Mikel Izal and Eduardo Maga�a. Slides

12.45 - 14:15

Lunch Break


How to attract more users to your simulation framework? - (30mins)
Andras Varga. Slides


Poster Session Kickoff (Chair: Juan-Carlos Maureira)

Integration of a GIST implementation into OMNeT++ - (15mins)
Roland Bless and Martin R�hricht. Slides
Energy Framework: An extensible framework for simulating battery consumption in wireless networks - (15mins)
Laura Marie FEENEY and Daniel Willkomm.
Accurate Clock Models for Simulating Wireless Sensor Networks - (15mins)
Federico Ferrari, Andreas Meier and Lothar Thiele. Slides
OMVis - A 3D Network Protocol Visualization Tool for OMNet - (15mins)
Harald Meyer, Thomas Odaker and Karin Hummel. Slides
A System Design Framework for Scalability Analysis of Geographic Routing Algorithms in Large-Scale Mesh Networks - (15mins)
Christian M�ller, Sebastian Subik, Andreas Wolff and Christian Wietfeld. Slides
Enhancement of the TCP Module in the OMNeT++/INET Framework (Project Report) - (15mins)
Thomas Reschka, Thomas Dreibholz, Martin Becke, Jobin Pulinthanath and Erwin P. Rathgeb. Slides


Poster Session


Closing Session/Discussion


Hands-on Session

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