4th International Workshop to be held in conjunction with Simutools 2011

Barcelona, Spain

Technical Program

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Monday, March 21th, 2011

9.00 - 9.10


9.10 - 11.00

Session 1 (3 Papers)

Runtime Efficient Event Scheduling in Multi-threaded Network Simulation - (35mins)
Georg Kunz, Mirko Stoffers, James Gross and Klaus Wehrle. Slides
Simulating Stochastic Processes with OMNeT++ - (35mins)
Jan Kriege and Peter Buchholz. Slides
An Extension of the OMNeT++ INET Framework for Simulating Real-time Ethernet with High Accuracy - (35mins)
Till Steinbach, Hermand Dieumo Kenfack, Franz Korf and Thomas Schmidt. Slides

11.00 - 11.30

Coffee Break

11.30 - 12.45

Session 2 (2 Papers)

Implementation of Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks based on Iterative Water Filling in OMNeT++/MiXiM - (35mins)
Sébastien D'hondt, Bart Scheers and Vincent Le Nir. Slides
InfiniBand Congestion Control, Modelling and validation - (35mins)
Ernst Gunnar Gran and Sven-Arne Reinemo. Slides

12.45 - 14:15

Lunch Break


OMNeT++ 4.2

INET Framework Development
Andras Varga. Slides
Tips & Tricks for OMNeT++
Rudolf Hornig. Slides


Poster Session Kick-off

Enabling Multi-Radio Nodes in OMNeT++ - (10mins)
Olafur Helgason, Sylvia Kouyoumdjieva and Gunnar Karlsson. Slides
Realistic Underlays for Overlay Simulation - (10mins)
Christoph Mayer, Christian Huebsch, Ingmar Baumgart and Thomas Gamer. Slides
Simulation of Powerline Communication with OMNeT++ in (static) Smart Grids - (10mins)
Holger Kellerbauer and Holger Hirsch. Slides


Code Contributions

Implementation of the B-MAC Protocol for WSN in MiXiM - (5mins)
Anna Förster. Slides Paper
Integration of OMNeT++ Hybrid TDM/WDM-PON Models into INET Framework - (5mins)
Kyeong Soo Kim. Slides Paper
RTP Simulation under OMNeT++: Problems and Solutions - (5mins)
Pantelis Stampoulis and Panayotis Fouliras. Slides Paper
Two simple tools for testing wireless communication modules in OMNeT++ - (5mins)
Laura Marie Feeney. Slides Paper


Poster Session


Discussion/Hands on


Community Dinner